Langlab is a playground, a sandbox, an incubator space. Presently we are working on a Multi-Use co-workspace. Our aim is to enable different community building groups to blend or at least be inspired by a “locus” of activity, while offering low rental costs for community groups and non-profits. But this office area is only 1/15th of the building! As we expand into the space we will have a venue for concerts, forums, poetry readings, film screenings, art exhibitions, debates, book signings, theater works, workshops and community gatherings. And plenty of room still for things ranging from an industrial kitchen to a shared art workspace, from a recording studio to a co-op distribution center. We provide this space as a safe haven, whether you are an artist, an accountant or a motorcycle mechanic. Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas here: What would you do if you had a 33,000 Sq Ft Warehouse?”


Points to Ponder

The womb of South Bend.

Love is a natural instinct and as such is good

Creation is love; Love is salvage; Salvage is about returning, re-creating, creation.

Langlab is a thought of what is based on love, and the joy of the collective new thought brought about.

Ordered flow.

A real life example of how I and it are one.

It is bold new thought for an age old habit. Its redeeming qualities, as it eats up the stagnant thought around, are its common sense approach to making a living, and the not-so-common approach of love and cooperation, and thus, making a life.

It treads a fine line between being a real building and a community of friends, and a thought that changes the world as we know it.

It is peace of mind.

It is amorphous and gets into any (every)-thing and makes it better

Langlab gives birth to the new; salvages the fading history; ushers a new day.

A collective community conscience. A think tank.

A busy place full of activities.

A partner with the academic world. Projects that can be quantified and studied should be. The whole idea of Langlab – and not just the building – can be a case study on the school of Public Policy and Business and Econ. and maybe even Theology.

Alternative currency – A trade rather than a business.  It engages the whole community.

Elevator Speech :)

LangLab represents an opportunity to introduce South Bend to a sustainable business model supporting the arts and culture. Our vision is to support a wide variety of opportunities and events that highlight the generosity, joy, determination and creativity that exists within our very own community.  We have purchased a space that will allow us to support a number of income-generating opportunities that support this vision including 1) lease of co-working and private office space, 2) A venue which will accommodate various local and regional musicians, host public forums, and small theater productions, 3) rental of working artist studio space, 4) large group meeting space rental.

LangLab is a unique model in a number of ways.  First, our business model is built on profitability and sustainability.   Although we do not intend to get rich off of LangLab, we decided intentionally that we did not want to be a non-profit; we wanted to bring to South Bend an understanding that the only way to obtain a vibrant and expansive artistic community is to pursue stability.  Due to our extremely low overhead and operational costs, we are able to support the financial needs of the business easily, without reliance on donations or grants.  Our management team is firmly focused on achieving financial stability so that we can provide a long-term service to the community.


You have entered the innermost thoughts of the Langlab. I am mindful of my surroundings; the people, the places, and their potential. I will offer you what is fair. I do not engage in charity, nor do I engage in ruthlessness. I seek true expression, belief in oneself, and self-reliance: these are the things that impart strength and fufillment within individuals and lead to the natural progression of peaceful and sustainable communities. I have no tolerance for deceit, shallow talk, scheming, idleness when there is work to be done, work when their is personal restoration to be done, accomplishment without purpose or indifference to succeed…