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Goodness is around the Bend!

Langlab is a playground, a sandbox, an incubator space. Presently we are working on a Multi-Use co-workspace. Our aim is to enable different community building groups to blend or at least be inspired by a “locus” of activity, while offering low rental costs for community groups and non-profits. But this office area is only 1/15th of the building! As we expand into the space we will have a venue for concerts, forums, poetry readings, film screenings, art exhibitions, debates, book signings, theater works, workshops and community gatherings. And plenty of room still for things ranging from an industrial kitchen to a shared art workspace, from a recording studio to a co-op distribution center. We provide this space as a safe haven, whether you are an artist, an accountant or a motorcycle mechanic. Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas here: What would you do if you had a 33,000 Sq Ft Warehouse?”


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